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Zircon Brick

Zircon brick series products are made of α-Al2O3, partially stabilized zirconium dioxide and zirconium corundum clinker as raw materials, which are mixed, formed, dried, and fired in a shuttle kiln at high temperature. It has compact crystal structure, high bulk density, high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength at room temperature and high temperature, high wear resistance, good thermal shock stability, low reheat shrinkage and high temperature creep, and has extremely high chemical stability and resistance Alkaline media corrosion and other characteristics.

Ordinary zircon bricks are widely used in non-metallic materials industry, petrochemical industry, steel smelting, military industry, electronics industry and other fields. For example: lining of silicon steel heating furnace in metallurgical industry, heat insulation lining of high temperature device of hydrogen production furnace and gasifier in petroleum industry, heat insulation lining of cemented carbide intermediate frequency furnace, etc.

In the glass industry, it is mainly used as superstructure blocks, transition bricks between silica bricks and fused cast AZS blocks, wedge blocks, burner blocks, thermocouple blocks, peep hole blocks, sub-paving blocks and back up blocks in furnaces as alkali free glass, soda-lime glass, lead glass, borosilicate glass, electronic and optical glass furnace.

Item ZS-64 ZS-65
ZrO2 (%) ≥64 ≥65
SiO2  (%) ≤34 ≤33
Fe2O3 (%) ≤0.5 ≤0.5
Apparent Porosity  (%) ≤20 ≤18
Bulk Density (g/cm3) ≥3.6 ≥3.65
Cold Crushing Strength  (Mpa) ≥100 ≥100
0.2Mpa Refractoriness Under Load T0.6 ℃ ≥1630 ≥1650
Pyrometric Cone Equivalent S.C. SK 40 40
Reversible Thermal Expansion 1000℃ % 0.5 0.5


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