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Vermiculite Insulation Board

Sunrise ladle vermiculite insulation board:

The first layer of ladle is working layer with high temperature (laying refractory bricks, the joints of the bricks are embedded with refractory mortar. The general refractory bricks are magnesia carbon bricks or magnesia chrome bricks, high alumina bricks, zirconium chrome bricks), and the second layer is a permanent layer (casting material is made of high-aluminum materials, such as spinel mortar), and the third layer is the thermal insulation layer, which is laid with refractory thermal insulation materials.

The ladle is a frequently used device for carrying molten steel in steelmaking plants. In order to reduce the heat loss of molten steel, the insulation performance of the ladle is very high. Ladle insulation is mainly in two parts, one part is the ladle cover, and the other part is the main body. The importance is insulation of main body, and the main body is molten steel inside, so the insulation performance is very high. In order to reduce the temperature drop of the ladle, the thickening the lining is often used, but under the condition of insufficient baking of the ladle, the thick lining will absorb a lot of heat, which will accelerate the temperature drop. It is generally difficult to thicken the lining without reducing its capacity, so a insulation layer is added to the steel shell.

The insulation layer of the new ladle adopts Sunrise vermiculite insulation board. Compared with the traditional insulation layer, the thermal insulation effect is good, and the thickness of the insulation layer can be reduced by 10-18mm. The refractoriness is as high as 1200℃. The temperature of the molten steel is significantly decreased, which decrease the shell temperature of ladles by 50℃, which is beneficial to keep the molten steel temperature stable and can effectively save energy.

Items MS-130
Al2O3% 20~25
SiO2% 35~45
MgO ≥10
Fe2O3% ≤4.0
Linear Reheat Shrinkage 1000℃×8h, % ≤2.5
Bulk Density, g/cm3 ≤1.30
Cold Crushing Strength,Mpa ≥10
Thermal Conductivity,W/m.K 200℃ ≤0.16
400℃ ≤0.18
600℃ ≤0.20
800℃ ≤0.22
1000℃ ≤0.23
Max. Service Temperature,℃ 1050
Continuous Service Temperature,℃ 1000
Available Size,mm 416x101x13~20
416×101/91x 13~20
Applications Tundishes,Ladles,Converters,Torpedo ladles etc

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vermiculite insulation board6


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