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Standard Type Calcium Silicate

Calcium silicate is mainly made of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide powder with wood fiber as reinforcing material.
It is a new environment-friendly insulation material, non-toxic, and no poisonous substance such as asbestos, sulfur, and chlorine.
There’re 2 types, ordinary microporous calcium silicate of 650°C resistant and high-end refractory calcium silicate of 1050°C resistant.


Low Thermal Conductivity
Light Bulk Weight
High Compressive Strength
Easy Cutting
Water Proof
Long Service Life


Metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, electricity, light industry, machinery, and other industries insulation; cement, glass, ceramics and other kiln insulation; buildings, vessels and trains insulation; heating power pipes, boiler body insulation, and road insulation.

Physical Performance

Items Unit TY-170 TY-220 TY-270
Bulk Density Kg/m3 170(±10%) 220(±10%) 270(±10%)
Pressure Strength MPa ≥0.40 ≥0.50 ≥0.60
Flexural Strength MPa ≥0.30 ≥0.35 ≥0.40
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k ≤0.048 ≤0.050 ≤0.056
Temp. Limit 1000 1050 1050
Linear Shrinkage % ≤1.50        (1000C,3hrs) ≤1.50          (1000C,3hrs) ≤1.50           (1000C,3hrs)



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