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Special Graphite Structural Parts

Special Graphite Structural Parts
Graphite Part is formed for use in a wide variety of manufactured parts benefiting the automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, chemical, metallurgical, nuclear, and electronics industries. It is usually the result of a copper and pure graphite composite, creating a material that is both structurally sound and reliable. Copper graphite is expensive, but it has improved conductivity and strength compared to pure graphite. Other metallic graphite mixtures may be used but may prove less effective.


Isotropic Graphite finds its application in continuous casting dies, EDM electrodes for making tools and molds, solar cells and fuel cells, sintering industries, etc.
Kaiyuan High-density special graphite structural parts for industry furnace

Graphite parts Packaging Details: wooden cased package or according to customer’s request.
Delivery Detail: 7-15 days.

Company Main Products
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2.Molded graphite block
3.Graphite rod
4.Graphite tube
5.Graphite plate
6.Graphite parts
7.Graphite crucible
8.Graphite sheet
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