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Soluble Green Fiber Products

The soluble fiber produced by SUNRISE is an ecological inorganic refractory fiber composed of SiO2, CaO, MgO. In addition to the advantages of traditional aluminum silicate refractory ceramic fiber, The fiber chemical composition is in line with the “man-made glass fiber alkaline oxidation The weight percentage of substances and alkaline earth oxides are greater than the requirement of 18%”; the dissolution is usually 50-250ng/cm2 reaching the EU index and the German index, and there is no carcinogen.

Through different processes, this soluble fiber can be made into soluble fiber cotton/chopped cotton, soluble fiber vacuum forming products, soluble fiber paper, soluble fiber textiles, etc. For practical recommendations and other product information, please refer to the product material safety data sheet (MSDS).

Product Features

Environmentally friendly and efficient, it is not classified as carcinogenic;
Good thermal stability and thermal shock resistance;
Compared with other traditional materials in the industry, it has low heat storage and better heat insulation performance;
The fiber has good flexibility and is not easy to generate dust during the construction process, reducing occupational hazards.


Backing insulation of various industrial kilns
Hot surface lining materials for ceramic kilns, mechanical and metallurgical heat treatment furnaces, and other industrial furnaces;
Heat insulation materials for the hot surface of electric furnace and aluminum industry;
Insulation and sealing material for metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, photoelectric, environmental protection, electronic appliances, and other industries.

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