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Silicon Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Bricks

Silicon Carbide based Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbides are used for their good thermal, mechanical and wear resistance attributes. Although heating at high temperature and pressure can produce sintered pure silicon carbide, the process commercially viable. High-density silicon carbide materials are produced by introducing a bonding aid that produces a secondary phase. The thermomechanical properties are then often limited by the properties of the secondary bond.


1.Good wear resistance
2.Good abrasive resistance
3.High load carrying capacities up to 1650 degrees c. Load-carrying capacities at elevated temperatures far outperform other oxide bonded silicon carbide products.
4.High Thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity.
5.Good chemical resistance acids, molten salts and halogens.

Exploiting the material’s excellent stability and mechanical strength, nitrogen bonded silicon carbide bricks are used in a range of process furnaces and kilns such as the sidewalls of aluminium melting pots, the lower stack of blast furnaces, and as kiln furniture.


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