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Silica Brick For Hot Blast Stove

Silica brick for hot blast stove
silica bricks for hot blast stove for siliceous refractory products containing scaly quartz as the main phase in the high temperature part of the blast furnace hot blast stove. Due to the increase of wind temperature, the clay bricks or high alumina bricks used in the high temperature parts of the previous hot blast stoves are gradually replaced by silica bricks and low creep high alumina bricks.

The Advantages of Sunrise Silica Bricks for Hot Blast Stove
High purity, good thermal conductivity, high refractoriness under load and high tridymite content, low true density, low expansion, low creep and low residual quartz content, good dimension and appearance.

Areas Of Application

Widely used in hot blast stoves, especially used in high temperature sections of the checker chamber in hot blast stoves.

Silica brick for hot blast stove RG-95
SiO2           ≥ 95
Al2O3                 1.0
Fe2O3          ≤ 1.3
Apparent porosity (%)≤ 22(24)
Cold crushing strength (MPa)≥ 45(35)
0.2MPa refractoriness under load (T 0.6,℃ )≥ 1650
True density (g/cm3) 2.32
Residual Quartz(%)≤ 1.0
Creep Rate(0.2MPa x 1550℃ x 50h)(%) 0.8
Thermal Expansion(1000℃)(%)≤ 1.25

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