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Polycrystalline Fiber Aluminum Fiber Blanket

SUNRISE Polycrystalline Fiber Aluminum Fiber Blanket products are loose cotton, blankets, hard felts, modules, veneer blocks, and vacuum-formed sheets, and special shapes made of alumina fibers with an alumina content of more than 72% through different production processes. The products are often used in high-temperature thermal equipment in steel, ceramics, electronics, glass, petrochemical, and other industries.


The fiber diameter is uniform and the tensile strength is good;
Low slag ball content and superior heat insulation performance;
High-temperature resistance, it can be directly used as a hot-face backfire material;
High strength, low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance;
Low linear shrinkage, stable high-temperature performance;
Stable chemical performance, high-temperature corrosion resistance;
Good thermal shock resistance and mechanical properties, good high-temperature flexibility.


Basic materials for making alumina fiber veneer blocks and composite modules;
The inner lining and surface layer of high-temperature equipment such as the heating furnace, annealing furnace, galvanizing line in the iron and steel industry;
Door sealing material of high temperature experimental electric furnace;
The insulation layer of high-temperature heating equipment in petrochemical industry;
Furnace lining of sintering equipment such as high-temperature ceramics and refractory bricks;
Lining of shuttle kilns such as ceramics;
The medium layer of the high-temperature filtration industry;
Sealing and insulating material of heating device;
Three-way catalytic converter gaskets in the automotive industry;
Backing insulation of various high-temperature furnaces.


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