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Nitroxide-bonded Silicon Carbide Brick

Nitride bonded silicon carbide brick is a refractory product with magnesium oxide (MgO) and chromium trioxide (Cr2O3) as the main components, and perovskite and spinel as the main mineral components. It has high refractoriness, high-temperature strength, strong resistance to alkaline slag, excellent thermal stability, and certain adaptability to acid slag. The main raw materials for manufacturing silicon nitride bricks are sintered magnesia and chromite. The purity of the magnesia raw material should be as high as possible. The requirements of the chemical composition of chromite are Cr2O330-45%, CaO not more than 1.0-1.5%. The production process of fired silicon nitride bricks is similar to that of magnesia bricks. In order to eliminate bricks in the firing process due to MgO and Cr2O3, Al2O3 or directly combined with silicon nitride bricks.

Nitride bonded silicon carbide bricks have excellent anti-erosion ability, good thermal conductivity, high-temperature strength, good chemical stability, high service temperature, and strong wear resistance, it is an ideal refractory material used as a lining of a vulcanized bed boiler.

Nitride bonded silicon carbide bricks are widely used in steel, chemical, non-ferrous metal smelting, machinery manufacturing, waste incineration, and other industries. In the iron and steel industry, it is used in the lower part of the blast furnace body, the furnace waist, and the furnace belly. In non-ferrous metal smelting, it is mainly used for the production of aluminum, copper, and zinc. It is used as the lining of the molten pool, spout, and electrolytic cell. It is mostly used as a liner in various strong corrosive media in the chemical industry. It can be used as a liner in the waste incinerator. It is used as a variety of high-temperature furnace materials in the machinery manufacturing and silicate industries. It also used in the key positions of the dry extinguishing furnace, such as the inner wall of the annular airway in the slope area and the lower part of the pre-deposit chamber.



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