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High Pure Calcium Silicate Board

Sunrise-High Pure Calcium Silicate Board is specially used in Non-ferrous metal fields. These boards have the characters of free-asbestos, high-temperature resistance, high strength, low thermal conductivity, non-wetting, thermal shock resistance, and very good machining property. These boards can be easily machined to precision components, and widely used in Non-ferrous metals cast, found, glass field, and steel industry.

Products are suitable for use as Down Spouts, Shutter Rod, Floats, Lining, Riser Inserts, Sprue Bush, and other precast shapes.
We can consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s needs.

High Pure Type Calcium Silicate Boards

Bulk Density kg/m3 850(±10%) 850(±10%)
Flexural Strength MPa 6.0 6 .0
Linear Shrinkage
Length、Width % 0.4 0.4
Thickness % 1.5 1.5
Continued Working Temp. 850 850
Limit Temp. 1000 1000
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion -6k-1 6×10 6×10
(200℃) Themal Cond. W/m·k 0.14 0.16
Loss On Ignition % 7.0 8.0

Block Sizes and Dimensional Tolerances

Length mm (±3mm) Width mm (±3mm) Thickness mm(+2,-1.5mm)
950 450 13-100

Note:AB boards with glassfibre, AT boards with carbonfibre


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