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High Density Low Porosity Silica Brick

High Density Low Porosity Silica Brick

With the development of the coking industry and the application of silica refractory bricks in coke ovens, the basic requirements of coke ovens for refractory materials are increasing day by day, especially the carbonization chambers require silica brick with high density, high thermal conductivity and High temperature compressive strength and other properties.

According to the structure of the coke oven, Sunrise has trial-produced new varieties such as high-density silica bricks.
Increasing the density of silica brick is effective way to improve the quality and service life of coke oven and shorten the coking time. High-density silica brick requires porosity of finished product less than 16%, and the density of silica brick must be greater than 2.38g/cm3.

1.Chemical composition% SiO2 ≥ 96 Fe2O3 ≤ 0.6
2.Flux index ≤ 0.45
3.Apparent porosity% ≤ 17 (less than 20kg)
4.Bulk density (g/cm³)≥2.38
5.Compressive strength (Mpa) ≥80
6.0.2MPa refractoriness under load (T0.6℃)≥ 1690
7.True density (g/cm³)≤2.33
8. The shape quality requirements are supported by the national high-quality 96A standard

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