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Fused Cast Skid Rail Blocks

Due to the extremely high wear resistance and its dense structure, fused cast mullite block is well suitable for the hearths and skid rails of preheating and pusher furnaces in the steel industry. It is available in many shapes & sizes and is produced with and without casting voids.

Typical Application

1.Slab, Billet, and Ingot pusher furnace
2.Soaking pit furnace
3.Walking bean furnace
4.Preheating furnace or reheating furnace

Recommendations For Start-Up

1.The recommended heating up rate of the hearth or the furnace should not exceed 50 °C / hour.
2.At operational furnace temperatures not lower than 800 °C blooms, billets or slabs can be pushed onto a hearth lined with fusion cast refractory blocks.
3.If it is necessary to lower the operating temperature of the furnace during the weekends or holidays, the furnace temperature shall not be decreased below 700 ° C.
4.During reheating of the furnace the heating rate of the recommended 50 °C / hour should not be exceeded.



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