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Fused Cast α-Alumina Block Ty-A


Alumina TY-A:
Fused cast alpha-beta alumina products is mainly composed of Al2O3 whose contents is more than 98 percent , and it is produced by melting and casting high purity alumina in electric furnace at 2000C. The production process directly leads to its dense structure formed, so this brick has excellent endurance to strong alkali. Under 1350C, it has strong corrosion resistance and almost does not contaminate to glass melting liquid . Because it does not contain impurities such as Fe2O3 and TiO2, when it comes into contact with glass liquid, air bubbles are rarely found. Therefore, this product has the special characteristic of minimizing contamination to glass liquid.

TY-A is an ideal product for the lower temperature zones of the glass melting furnaces due to its high density, superior corrosion resistance and low blister potential. It is also an ideal material for Metallurgical Titanium Furnace because the superior thermal stability.

fused cast α alumina block ty a7Physical and chemical index

a Alumina TY-A
Chemical Composition % Al2O3 98.5
SiO2 0.4
NaO2 0.9
Other oxides 0.2
Crystallographic Analysis % a-Al2O3 90
b-Al2O3 4
Vitreous Phase 6

fused cast α alumina block ty a6


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