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Dense Zircon Block

Dense zircon blocks have compact crystal structure, high bulk density, high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength at room temperature and high temperature, high wear resistance, good thermal shock stability, low reheat shrinkage and high temperature creep, and has extremely high chemical stability and resistance Alkaline media corrosion and other characteristics.

It’s mainly used in the glass contact areas in alkali free fiberglass furnaces which require high thermal stress-tuck stones in melting tank, channel blocks, bushing blocks and critical areas in low alkali borosilicate glass furnaces.

Item HDZ-68
ZrO2  (%) ≥68
SiO2  (%) ≤30
Fe2O3 (%) ≤0.3
Apparent Porosity  (%) ≤8
Bulk Density (g/cm3) ≥4.15
Cold Crushing Strength  (Mpa) ≥200
0.2Mpa Refractoriness Under Load T0.6 ≥1680
Pyrometric Cone Equivalent S.C. SK 40
Reversible Thermal Expansion 1000℃ % 0.5


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