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Composite Brown Corundum Brick

Composite brown corundum bricks are made of corundum (brown corundum, sub-white corundum, dense corundum, etc.), silicon carbide as the main raw materials, mixed with special additives, high-pressure molding, high-temperature firing, fine grinding and pre-assembled into products.

The thermal conductivity of the composite brown corundum brick is better at room temperature, and it gets worse with the increase of temperature, but it gets better when the temperature exceeds 1000℃. Composite brown corundum bricks have higher porosity and uniform structure, so the thermal conductivity is lower than that of fused cast bricks, and there is little fluctuation with the temperature. The resistivity of the composite brown corundum brick decreases with the increase of temperature, and the linear expansion rate has the characteristics of reversible transformation. The composite brown corundum brick has the characteristics of low slag-iron corrosion resistance, good alkali corrosion resistance, high flexural strength, and high load softening temperature. It is suitable for the bottom of blast furnaces with different volumes, hearth ceramic masonry, iron taps, tuyere, Slag mouth and other parts.


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