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Ceramic fiber Vacuum Formed Shapes

SUNRISE Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Formed Shapes are made of high-quality ceramic fiber cotton by adopting the technique of vacuum forming. The purpose of making these products is to meet the special requirements of insulation in the industrial field. Various products need to have specialized molds according to their unique shape and size for meeting customers’ requirements. All Vacuum formed shapes have a lower shrinkage within the applicable temperature and can maintain the characteristics such as insulation, lightweight, etc. During the period of using the products, they won’t be eroded by lots of molten metal.


Tenacious texture, and strong anti-wind erosion.
Excellent thermal shock resistance.
Low thermal conductivity and heat capacity.
Long service life and high compression strength.
The prominent effect of sound absorption.
Easy to install and construct.


Observation of industrial furnace. Industrial furnace burner, door.
Plug and launder of Aluminum Products Industry.
Lining refractory of high-temperature laboratory furnace.
Thermal insulation of domestic and industrial heating devices
Non-ferrous metal melting tank padded, casting riser.
Roller furnace insulation bricks.

Item Shape 1000 Shape 1260 Shape 1400 Shape 1600
Classification temperature 1000℃ 1260℃ 1400℃ 1600℃
Bulk density kg/m3 280 280 280 400
Linear shrinkage % (℃X24h) ≤1.5 (900) ≤2.0(1100) ≤3.0 (1300) ≤1.0(1500)
Tensile strength (MPa) ≥0.5 ≥0.5 ≥0.5 ≥0.8


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