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Cast Big Sillimanite Block

Slip Casting sillimanite brick is mainly suitable for the production of special-shaped products. The blocks are formed by slip casting. The raw materials are mixed into a paste and injected into the plaster mold, which is manually made, drying, and firing.

It has the characteristics of high refractoriness, high thermal shock stability, low thermal expansion rate, corrosion resistance of metallurgical slag and various glass liquids and good high temperature wear resistance. The refractoriness is 1770~1830℃, and the refractoriness under load is 1500~1650℃.

It’s mainly used as channel bricks, forehearth bricks, rotating pipes, fire-stop slag bricks, damper bricks, front arch bricks, rear arch bricks, burner blocks, beams, and cover bricks. In the float glass industry, it is mainly used in the tin bath roof tiles of the float glass production line.

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