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AZS Revolving Tube Blocks

AZS Revolving Tube Blocks

AZS type revolving tube Brick is our AZS range of products, will be widely used in glass industry.

The feeder tube is used in the glass furnace. The products are characterized by their high refractoriness. Any shaped could be produced following customers’ drawings and inquirement.
Expendables for glass industry products include AZS revolving tube blocks. Which are characterized by high refractoriness, good thermal stability and resistance to corrosion and erosion of glass liquid and hence have the least contamination to glass liquid, spalling resistance. etc.

1.ISO certificate enterprise.
2.Strictly QC requirement.
3.Advanced technology.
4.Located in raw materials area, supplying us premium quality raw material with competitive price.
5.Convenient transportation, provide quick lead time, reduce the shipment cost.
6.Provide the products solution.
7.Provide the furnace solutions


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