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AZS Cross Checher Bricks

AZS Cross Checker Bricks

AZS Cross Checker Bricks Refractories are the main building materials for glass furnaces. It has a decisive impact on the quality of glass, energy consumption and the cost. The development of glass melting technology mainly depends on the development and quality of refractories.

The entire lattice body of the regenerator is made of the same cross-shaped fused zirconium corundum lattice brick AZS. According to feedback from customers, recently, fused AZS material have good performance selected as the top checker brick.
The top of the regenerator is often made of fused AZS brick, directly combined with magnesium brick or silicon brick. The upper layer of the sidewall and the partition wall is made of magnesia brick, the middle layer is made of magnesia brick or low porosity clay brick, and the lower layer is made of low porosity clay brick. Grate bricks with low porosity are used for the grate.

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TY-fused cast refractories series blocks have passed the ISO international certified. High purity raw material, scientific formula, advanced technology and professional guide all contribute to our qualified azs blocks production. Over 30 years producing and marketing experience, we have developed stable customer base overseas and kept long-term cooperation. Need refractories for high temperature furnace fuel? Contact us, We will never let you down.


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